Tuesday, December 23, 2008

By the people, for the people

that's what we know the democracy is. PEOPLE is very generic word but it can be categorized into huge number of classes.

  • there are people who are elected by the people and authorized to drive the nation,
  • there are people who always try to prove how we could have done better than ruling party,
  • there are people who portray what is happening around you to you,
  • there are the people who see what is being portrayed to them,
  • there are people who react to what they see,
  • there are people who do no wish to react,
  • there are people who do not understand what they see but choose to follow the perception of others, etc..

This list is endless.

I'm sure you would have put each one of the above into a category that you think is appropriate.
I'm writing this down from the standpoint of the people who could see what is happening around them. They discuss it with their friends and family. They derive certain conclusions. They make certain assumptions. They commit certain resolutions. And then they move on with certain take away...

Indeed, lot of things are happening around me. On top of my mind, 26/11 the biggest terror attack that proves how vulnerable my country is. Then I saw people who scarified their life to save rest of us who are very much alive. There are people who were held responsible and there are people who reacted. I would like to emphasize more on the last ones. By any chance, do you observe any change (doesn't matter how small it could be) in yourselves after 26/11?

Well, most of us have become aware and vocal too. This set of people reacted and they did exceptionally well. They are trying to get rid of culprits. They want justice and they want result. Suddenly, security becomes the major concern and the area that deserves more attention. So far, so good. It is almost a month now. The TALKS are on between governments. The episode was condemned at international level. The positive outcome of it is people became alert and they are no more ready to be a victim. They do not want to suffer any more. Really, I was amazed by the thrust people have came out with this time. They want a real change in the attitude of politicians and leaders. Message has been spread across that you are not here just to enjoy the power of your position but you would be held responsible for every act you do. You will be assessed and if found guilty, you would be forced to get out of the system.

Let's hope this positive energy keeps flowing across the country.


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